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Ip: ObscirumCraft.aternos.me

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  • Obscirumcraft is a cracked and premium Minecraft server. It is all about survival, raiding, making your faction, protecting your base, or even hoarding nearly all the op gear. You pretty much have the freedom of a singleplayer survival world. So come join us at, Obscirumcraft.aternos.me. Can you be the best raider?

Want to apply to be a staff member? Fill out the OP form: http://bit.ly/2F1XAO1
  •  04/10/2018 02:48 AM

Our server has used aternos for more than 2 years to be ran. But thanks to MC Server Soft, We now have more features and 24/7 connectivity. We had fun using aternos but unfortunately, it's time has come. So yes, that means we are no longer using aternos.

  •  02/23/2018 05:39 PM

As of February 23, The server should be officially launching within a month. With 24/7 online features to keep the server running. The server may still be in development.

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  •  03/03/2018 07:49 PM

Please fill out this form to apply. Link to free op form: http://bit.ly/2F1XAO1